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We are a team of dedicated clinicians focused on women's health.


Jessica Bourke

Registered Midwife

Joanne Robsinson

Registered Midwife

Noni Cameron

Registered Midwife

Ena Creevey

Registered Midwife

Susan Armitage

Registered Midwife

Lee Fusarelli

Registered Midwife
Management & Support Team

Karina Wright

Practice Manager

Megan Eyb


Tanya Dawson

Patient Support

Sophie Robards

Patient Support

Catherine Van der Reyden

Patient Support

Nicole Ward

Patient Support
We understand the need for women-led care

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If you wish to make a booking with one of our specialists or allied health team, please get in touch with our friendly support staff.

We understand the need for women-led care and have an easy referral system to other health care professionals who provide a range of services specialised to your individual needs.

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