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Useful Resources

Finding reliable information during pregnancy can be challenging. Intuition Private provides you with evidence-based care. Below is a list of useful contacts to assist you throughout your pregnancy journey.

Links To Useful Resources

Pregnancy, Birth and Baby 
Information on Pregnancy, Childbirth and Parenting
1800 882 436 – Speak to a Child and Family Health Nurse from 7am – Midnight 

Australian Breastfeeding Association 
Support, education and advocacy for breastfeeding
1800 686 268 – For 24 hour breastfeeding support from a trained volunteer 

Food Authority NSW Government
Provides information on food safety in pregnancy

Provides expert advice and support for medications in pregnancy 
1800 647 848

“Having a Baby” Book
Information on pregnancy provided by NSW Health

Gosford Private Birth and Beyond Classes
Childbirth classes for women and partners birthing at Gosford Private Hospital – Search for Gosford Private Maternity services

Gosford Public Pregnancy and Early Parenting Education 
Childbirth classes for women and partners birthing at Gosford Public Hospital

Birth Beat Online Antenatal and Childbirth Classes
An online provider of childbirth education and baby first aid

Calmbirth Classes 
Childbirth Course focusing on the mind body connection to assist women during labour and birth

Hypnobirth Classes 
Hypnotherapy Childbirth Classes to assist women to cope with labour and birth

Cell Care 
Family cord blood and tissue bank. Private Stem Cell collection and storage company.

Pregnancy Chef 
Dietician approved ready to eat meal service that offers home delivered food for pregnancy and post delivery

Red Nose
Education on safe sleeping and support for parents affected by SIDs or Miscarriage

Raising Children Network 
Reliable and up to date information for pregnancy and raising children

Pelvic Floor First
Provides education for women in pregnancy for exercise and the pelvic floor

Gidget Foundation Australia
Raising Awareness and Support for Perinatal Anxiety and Depression. Provides Free telehealth counselling sessions with referral from GP

Mind the Bump 
A free Mindfulness Meditation App to help women prepare for baby emotionally

Mental Health Line
For professional help and guidance on Mental Health Issues and referral to relevant local services
1800 011 511 – Operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 

24 hour telephone support for people in personal crises
13 11 14

Supports women and partners affected by depression and anxiety during pregnancy and the first year of parenthood
1300 726 306 – Anxiety and Depression Helpline Mon – Fri 9am – 7:30pm

We understand the need for women-led care

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If you wish to make a booking with one of our specialists or allied health team, please get in touch with our friendly support staff.

We understand the need for women-led care and have an easy referral system to other health care professionals who provide a range of services specialised to your individual needs.

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