We are a team of doctors with individual sub-speciality areas of expertise, developed over significant careers caring for women.


Pre-Pregnancy & Fertility

Preparing for a pregnancy can be an exciting time, however unlike some things in life, it can take planning as starting a family does not always ‘just happen’.



Whether you are a new mum, or an experienced mum, our goal at Intuition Private is to provide continuity of care and to support you throughout your entire pregnancy journey, ensuring you and your precious bundle of joy are safe, healthy and looked after every step of the way.


Up until the birth of your baby, your focus would have been on your pregnancy and ‘the big day.’ The time following your baby’s birth, called the postnatal stage, is just as important.



We ensure you are cared for by our most experience Specialist, given your individual medical condition or treatment options. Our team of Specialists include both female and male gynaecologists who have unique areas of expertise and sub-specialised training. 

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