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Dr Helen Manning



About Dr Helen Manning​

Dr Helen Manning grew up in the United Kingdom and began working in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in 2004.

In her early career, she worked in Perth, Australia where her love for Australia began. She gained her UK Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Membership (MRCOG) in 2008 whilst completing specialist training at the Oxford Deanery in the UK. During her final years of training, Dr Manning pursued advanced training in labour ward practice as well as pelvic floor surgery and urogynaecology.

Following her UK specialist registration, Dr Manning moved to the United States with her family where she worked to acquire additional skills in benign gynaecology, obstetrics, urogynaecology and female pelvic medicine, attaining her American Fellowship in 2016 (FACOG). Her work there comprised both volunteer work for the uninsured and underprivileged populations, as well as working within the biggest hospital in the state of Wisconsin, United States.

In 2020, Dr Manning was offered the opportunity to relocate to Australia, a place she’d always dreamed of settling. There was no hesitation and along with her husband and three children, they moved to the Central Coast. After initially working in the Sydney Local Health District, Dr Manning was appointed as a Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Central Coast Local Health District (CCLHD), where she is also a trainer of international graduates within the CCLHD. 

Whilst immensely experienced, Dr Manning is a wonderful communicator. She prides herself in patient-centered care and believes shared decision making is essential in really providing what patients and their families need.

Dr Manning operates out of both Gosford Private Hospital (private patients) and Gosford Public Hospital (public patients). Patients can be consented at our private practice to be placed on the public waiting list to have their surgery at Gosford Public Hospital, if this is their preference.
Consulting privately first with Dr Manning often benefits the patient to minimise the wait time currently experienced at Gosford Public Hospital for their initial assessment and triage. 

"Dr Manning has achieved Specialist Registration in O&G within the UK, USA and Australia, demonstrating clinical and academic competence in multiple countries at the highest level."

Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

Questions & Answers with Dr Helen Manning

I chose Obstetrics and Gynaecology because I love the constant challenge the work brings. The dynamic and varied patients I see from birth through to older age means I never get bored and can always learn something new.

I get to share some of the most precious and some of the hardest moments in people’s lives, which is an honour and a privilege that I never take for granted.

I love showing women just how strong they can be. When they are tired and feel like they have nothing left to give, it’s amazing to see them beaming with pride when they realise they’ve done it.

You couldn’t ask for a more rewarding career than this but it takes hard work and dedication. Identifying a trusted mentor or colleague is absolutely essential to preserve your own mental health. We are human and many of our experiences are deeply emotional but we need to be able to use these experiences to inform the next. Having that support for yourself means you can continue to grow.

Be kind to yourself and take the small wins. Set achievable goals for the day like getting outside, even just for ten minutes every day. Don’t let the mums whose babies sleep through the night get you down. All children will sleep in the end and while the days are long the years are very fast. Above all just enjoy your baby; they grow up too fast!

I will never forget the first birth I was involved in as a medical student in England. Clearly it had its mark on me as I knew from then on that I wanted to follow this path. What made it so special was having the opportunity to get the know the couple during their labour and then see their son as they sent me pictures over the years. 

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