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Whether you are a new mum, or an experienced mum, our goal at Intuition Private is to provide continuity of pregnancy care and to support you throughout your entire pregnancy journey, ensuring you and your precious bundle of joy are safe, healthy and looked after every step of the way.


Being pregnant is a uniquely special time in your life. Choosing the right Obstetrician is an important and personal decision.

Whether you have recently discovered you are pregnant or you are currently planning your pregnancy, our Obstetricians and Midwives understand and recognise the needs of pregnant women and their families.

Our Obstetricians and Midwives work in collaboration with each other, making sure your experience with us is both empowering and memorable. 

The best care for you and your baby

We are the leaders on The Central Coast in supporting local mothers during their journey to motherhood and beyond.


We also have significant expertise managing medical conditions during pregnancy such as hypertension, diabetes, gestational diabetes, endocrine disorders, genetic disorders, STI’s and more.

OUR Doctors
YOUR FIRST Appointment

During this appointment, you will meet with your clinical team.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! After liaising with your GP upon becoming newly pregnant, we recommend your (bulk-billed) dating ultrasound is attended at Intuition Private by approximately 8-9 weeks’ of pregnancy. Your initial appointment with us is attended at approximately +12 weeks’ of pregnancy, and we offer earlier pregnancy appointments prior to this stage of pregnancy if it is your preference (see below for more information). 

During your initial pregnancy appointment, you will meet with your clinical team – both your Midwife and Obstetrician. We will cover your previous medical history and discuss results of your blood tests and any diagnostic ultrasounds performed to date.

We will also talk about your overall pregnancy management plan, any general diet requirements, cover common concerns and answer any questions you may have about your pregnancy.

Upon request, our midwives also happily offer complimentary (non-diagnostic) ultrasound scans so you can see your baby during your routine appointments. This can be particularly reassuring during the early stages of pregnancy. All diagnostic ultrasounds should still be attended when due. Our ultrasound service is performed and reported on here at Intuition Private, by our Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist, Dr Rajit Narayan.

Should you prefer to see us prior to 12 weeks’ of pregnancy, we also offer Early Pregnancy Management appointments (between 5-11 weeks’ gestation).

These appointments are applicable if you might have a high-risk pregnancy, significant medical conditions, previous pregnancy complications, a history of recurrent miscarriages, are feeling concerned/anxious, or simply require peace of mind.

Following your initial appointment, your Obstetrician will correspond closely with your GP.

Our Obstetricians intentionally look after a limited number of patients to ensure we can provide high quality care and be available when needed. For this reason, we recommend you reserve your Pregnancy Management spot with us soon after discovering that you are expecting. 

Your Routine Appointments

Your pregnancy journey with Intuition Private consists of a series of regular appointments, on average, commencing with visits 4-weekly, progressing to 3-weekly, then fortnightly, and finally, weekly as you arrive at your Estimated Due Date.

On average, you will visit us around 12-15 times throughout your pregnancy, however naturally this is dependent on your individualised management plan, general health, and personal preferences. In addition to your regular face-to-face appointments, throughout practice hours we also provide unlimited phone and email support (for non-urgent concerns) from our highly qualified team of Midwives, guaranteeing a response by 6pm the same business day.

The health of yourself and your baby is our priority, so remember to call your chosen birthing hospital or present to the Emergency Department at your local public hospital, should you have any urgent concerns or require emergency medical treatment. The hospital’s Clinical Team will contact your Obstetrician via their emergency phone 24/7 whenever required.

Choice of Birth

Throughout your pregnancy and birthing, our priority is the health of you and your baby. However, opportunities are also available for you to individualise your Birth Plan.

You may have preferences about how you imagine your birthing experience to be. This is individual for everyone; it could it be that you are planning for a vaginal birth, a caesarean birth, attempting a Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC), your pain relief options, an assisted birth, your birthing position, a water birth, plus more.

Our Obstetricians will support what birthing preferences are best for you, providing your birth plan is safe and achievable for both yourself and your baby.

Antenatal Pathway

Your Pregnancy Journey with Intuition Private


Purpose of Appointment / Investigations

Pre 12 week appointment (optional)

Meet with your Obstetrician to discuss your medical history and commence an applicable pregnancy management plan.

Receive forms for Blood Test, Nuchal Translucency Ultrasound and NIPT (when applicable) if not received by GP prior to appointment.

12 wk booking-in appointment

Meet and Greet with your Clinical Team – The Midwives and your Obstetrician.

Discuss medical history (if pre-12 week appointment was not required) and commence your Pink Antenatal Card (bring along to each appointment).

Discuss results of Blood Tests, Nuchal Translucency Ultrasound and NIPT (if applicable).

Discuss general diet and nutrient requirements. 

16 wks

Attend wellbeing check.

Receive referral for Morphology Ultrasound to attend.

Complete and discuss details for submitting your hospital admission paperwork.

20 wks

Discuss Morphology Ultrasound results.

Discuss Whooping Cough Vaccine and reminder to book with GP.

24 wks

Receive Referral for routine blood tests – Fasting Glucose Test and Iron check.

Attend your blood tests between 26-28 weeks’ gestation. 

28 wks

Discuss feeding methods and the consideration of attending antenatal classes.

If Rhesus Negative (blood group type), book to attend first dose of Anti D at hospital.

31 wks

Ensure Whooping Cough Vaccine is attended with GP by 32 weeks’ gestation.

Receive form for routine blood tests to be attended at 34 weeks’ gestation.

34 wks

If Rhesus Negative, book to attend second dose of Anti D at hospital.

Review results of 34 week blood tests (attended to prior to appointment).

36 wks

Ensure bags are packed- Bubs may choose to arrive at any time!

Commence antenatal breast colostrum expression (if required).

37 wks 

Attend to birth preferences list and discuss during appointment.

Attend to signs and symptoms of labour and discuss appropriate time to go to hospital.

38 wks

Discuss information and tips to encourage labour and birth.

Discuss any questions or concerns about labour and birth.

39 wks

Discuss information and tips to encourage labour and birth.

Discuss any questions or concerns about labour and birth.

40 wks

Only 5% of babies are born on their due date!

A Child and Family Health Nurse will visit at your home approximately 2 weeks after birthing your baby. 

6 wk Postnatal Appointment

Come and show off your beautiful bundle of joy! 

This appointment is a health and wellbeing check for Mum.

Attend to CST (pap smear) if due, perform a physical examination (if required) and discuss wellbeing and mental health.

Discuss support groups and networks available for new Mums.

Baby vaccines are due with GP or at your local Child and Family Health Clinic


Frequently Asked Questions

Private obstetric care is individualised care and brings with it the security of knowing that the decision making throughout your pregnancy and during birth will be under the guidance and supervision of a specialist Obstetrician of your choosing. You enjoy an unhurried, informative, personalised relationship with your Obstetrician, which has been established throughout your pregnancy, with the highest standard of care provided. You see our intimate group of select midwives, allowing for continuity of pregnancy care and to offer a familiar face each time you see us.

As a pregnant patient in a public hospital, it is usually not possible to know who will be present at the birth of your baby and whether your care will be led by midwives, junior doctors, senior doctors, or a combination. The decision-making process therefore may follow a different course. In Australia, comprehensive medical care of a very high standard is available through the public hospital system, however the system is reliant on a different model of care for patients. It is recommended you consider your options and choose the right model of care that suits the needs of you and your baby. 

At Intuition Private, we believe it is also the little things that can make the biggest difference in ensuring a positive pregnancy experience. We have all been there – what it’s like to sit in an unpleasant, overcrowded, outdated and dull waiting room, however, fear not!

Our contemporary clinic was purpose-designed and built in 2016 as a obstetric, gynaecologic and imaging specialist centre. We aim to make your visit with us as comfortable and centralised as possible.
Patient experience is of top priority. The atmosphere is warm and friendly and our greeting room is furnished with boutique chairs and ottomans, includes a large flat-screen TV, wifi, relaxing music, complimentary drinks and a variety of magazines. Our practice is bright and colourful, scented by the boutique range of Scents Australia! Everything you would expect from a premium quality pregnancy, gynaecology and ultrasound service.

We stock a select range of pregnancy and women’s-health related products to compliment our services. No appointment is necessary to browse and purchase from the range.

We have a fun ‘kids corner’ equipped with colourful stools, toys and books to keep the little ones entertained.

Our procedure rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art gynaecologic couches, medical equipment and ultrasound machines with a large monitor to easily see your beautiful baby for the first time and as they grow.

Undercover parking for patients is also available on site, so there is of course, no lengthy walks at 38 weeks’ pregnant to attend your appointment!

No, you are not necessarily required to have Private Health Insurance to be a patient with Intuition Private. A self-funded patient is one who does not have Private Health Insurance, therefore simply pays for their own medical treatment upfront.  Some patients choose to fund their surgery from their Superannuation Fund. Please visit the ATO website for more information.

Our obstetricians assist you with birthing exclusively from Gosford Private Hospital.

If you are a Medicare card holder and wish to claim the Medicare rebate, yes, you will require a valid referral from either a GP or another specialist to entitle you to claim your Medicare rebate. GP referrals are valid for 12 months and Specialist referrals are valid for 3 months.

Medicare ineligible patients or patients who do not wish to claim the Medicare rebate do not require a referral to attend our practice and will be billed per our standard rates.

No, generally not. Intuition Private is a full-service private clinic with expert doctors and state-of-the-art technology, offering an exceptional patient experience each and every time therefore there is an out of pocket expense associated with most consultations and procedures.
Intuition Private does however honour all DVA Veteran Affairs patient entitlements.

Yes, although you do not necessarily need to have Private Health Insurance to see us, as you can be a Self-Funded Patient. Should you wish to opt for surgery at Gosford Public Hospital, Dr Helen Manning holds a public hospital appointment and can therefore consult with you privately at our practice, consenting you for surgery for the Public Waiting List. Please contact us to discuss.

We understand the need for women-led care

Get in touch

If you wish to make a booking with one of our specialists or allied health team, please get in touch with our friendly support staff.

We understand the need for women-led care and have an easy referral system to other health care professionals who provide a range of services specialised to your individual needs.

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