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October 9, 2023

Dr Skilbeck speaks about Maternal Fetal Medicine and Diagnostic Ultrasound offered at Intuition

Dr Peta Skilbeck is passionate about obstetrics 🙂
Enjoy this 2-minute read as she writes about Maternal Fetal Medicine and Diagnostic Ultrasound offered at Intuition Private Obstetrics & Gynaecology
“I am very excited to say that Intuition Private now has a clinic run by a Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellow – Dr Rajit Narayan (from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital) on Saturdays and some additional evening clinics. This is an amazing service for women of the Central Coast. It excites me because now I am able to collaborate with him for my high-risk patients to ensure the best outcomes for mothers and babies. The other advantage of having a doctor perform your ultrasound means he is able to inform you of his findings on the day. He also liaises with the treating obstetrician if there are any immediate concerns such as a shortened cervix requiring urgent treatment. Dr Narayan also performs invasive testing if required or requested eg amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling.”
What is a Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist?
“A Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist or MFM Specialist is an obstetrician who has gained additional qualifications in the subspecialty of Maternal Fetal Medicine which involves an additional 2-3 years of training. This means they are even more specialised than your general Obstetrician and have additional skills in ultrasound and managing the highest risk of pregnancies and births. There are only a few of these subspecialists in NSW and most are concentrated in the tertiary large centres. They provide care for women with multiple pregnancies, preterm birth, complex maternal health conditions, high risk first trimester screening results and complex fetal conditions. They often work in conjunction with other specialists such as paediatricians, neonatologists, radiologists, geneticists and surgeons to provide a multidisciplinary approach to assisting families with these complex problems. They are also obstetricians and deliver babies (the fun stuff!)”
How do I organize an ultrasound with Dr Narayan?
“Obviously patients of Intuition Private can be directly referred by their obstetrician – just ask if this is your preference as he also performs routine ultrasounds for dating, nuchal translucency, early anatomy, morphology and fetal wellbeing. He also accepts referrals from other obstetricians (and GP’s for most scans) in both the public and private sector.”
For more information, please speak with our friendly patient support team on 4321 0500.
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