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May 24, 2023

Benefits of Skin-to-Skin

Why we love Skin to Skin…
Here are our Intuition gals enjoying Skin-to-Skin with their bubs!
Your baby can be placed straight onto your bare chest right after birth. You can enjoy skin-to-skin contact until after the first breastfeed, or longer. Beyond that skin-to-skin contact can happen any time while you and your baby are learning to breastfeed or when your baby needs comforting or calming.
Here are some benefits for both Mum & baby…
For Baby:
🟣 Better able to absorb & digest nutrients
🟣 Better body temperature maintenance
🟣 It helps regulate your baby’s heart rate, temperature and blood sugar levels
🟣 It helps to release hormones and trigger instincts in your baby that make feeding easier and more natural
🟣 It helps your baby to indicate to you when they are ready to feed
🟣Your baby is more likely to attach to your breast and attach well
🟣 If your baby is upset, placing them skin-to-skin on your chest can help calm them
🟣 Long term benefits such as improved brain development & function
For Mum:
🟡 Experience more positive breastfeeding
🟡 Improved breast milk production
🟡 Likely to have reduced postpartum bleeding & lower risk of postnatal depression
For more information on Skin-to-Skin, please speak with your Intuition Midwife at your next appointment.
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