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September 6, 2022

“10 years ago today Dr Shah saved my life”

Thank you for such a special visit Avana, Melinda, Dino and Largo!
The team at Intuition were honoured to have this wonderful family visit Dr Shah. What extraordinary work our Drs do!

“What a special day today was! We visited Dr Shah! 10 years ago today Dr Shah saved my life. He delivered our beautiful baby girl Avana and then worked tirelessly to allow me to watch her grow up. With grade 4 placenta previa and undiagnosed placenta increta, I would not be alive without his expertise and care along with generous blood donors. I lost a total of 15 l of blood and had 3 surgeries over 36 hours, including a hysterectomy to save my life, all of which Dr Shah led the team to my full recovery. Forever grateful! It was so good to visit him today and thank you Karina for making this happen.” – Melinda


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