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SRC Recovery Leggings


Speed up your post-natal recovery with SRC Recovery Shorts.

The SRC Pregnancy and Recovery range of products have been designed by women for women. Whilst recovering in hospital after the birth of her first child, our founder Sinead O’Donovan decided that new mums deserved more help getting back to their busy lives.

Product features and benefits:

-Recommended by health care professionals
-Reduces pain and increases pelvic/back support
-Regain your pre-baby body shape faster
-Anatomical panels provide consistent gentle medical grade compression to C-section or perineal wound areas
-Increases mobility and pelvic muscle function
-Specialised fabric construction technology
-Lightweight breathable fabric providing superior comfort
-Range of sizes to fit from XXXS to XXL

Who do they help?

-Women wanting to regain their pre-baby body shape
-C-section or perineal trauma recovery
-Diastasis of the Rectus Abdominus Muscle (DRAM)
-Support related pelvic floor dysfunction (SPFD)
-Reduced symptoms of urinary incontinence post delivery
-Women requiring additional support for mobility and stability issues

Why do they work?

The gentle compression promotes supporting pressure to the pelvis, back and abdominal muscles improving your mobility and will actually help you regain your pre-baby body shape. Mobility is the key. By activating the core muscles with gentle compression this provides support and stimulates strengthening of the abdominal muscles facilitating muscle recovery.

Unique SRC garment technology enables muscular activity and promotes muscle stimulation. This is not possible if you choose a corset, girdle, or rigid support garment. From day 1 you can be confident in the knowledge that your SRC recovery shorts are doing their job even when you’re not active.

Other information?

The SRC Compression garments are specifically designed to provide continuous support, graduated compression and relief of pain associated with pregnancy, post-operative wounds, post-partum and post-exercise, by facilitating muscle healing and recovery.

Please call into our practice, Suite 6, 12 Jarrett Street, North Gosford to have them professionally fitted (appointment only) by our team at Intuition Private.

Some private health funds in Australia will provide a rebate to customers who purchase an SRC product as they are considered a medical compression garment, designed to aid with the recovery and health of expectant and new mothers.
Please ask your health fund if they offer this rebate.

Please Call (02) 4321 0500 To Order