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Am I Pregnant?

Chances are you’ve just searched the internet using phrases such as Am I pregnant?, Could I be pregnant?, I think I’m pregnant.

Which, may be the reason you are reading this page right now!

Does your body feel like it is changing or do you perhaps feel ‘different’ and not your usual self?

If so, you could be experiencing early pregnancy symptoms, or your intuition could be trying to tell you something!

This page is designed to help you identify pregnancy signs and symptoms and offer some guidance on what to do if you suspect you are pregnant.

It’s important to firstly highlight that pregnancy signs and symptoms are not unique to just being pregnant and can sometimes be confused for ailments such as pre-menstrual discomforts (breast tenderness, headaches, fatigue and bloating), or nausea (motion sickness and food poisoning). Therefore, pregnancy symptoms are not always a guaranteed sign that you are pregnant.

However, it’s important to also remember that some women will not experience any symptoms and could still be pregnant.

Below is a list of some common early pregnancy signs and symptoms. Use as a general guide, because of course, all women and pregnancies are different.

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