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Franjos Kitchen Pregnancy Biscuits and Crackers


What are they?

‘Belly Bump’ sweet or savoury pregnancy biscuits and crackers.
Created by a naturopath & nutritionist, the ingredients have been carefully selected and each play an important role not only in helping pregnant mums meet their own nutritional needs but also that of their baby’s.

Who makes them?

Fransjo’s Kitchen is a collaboration between Fran and Jo. Both Melbourne based mums, Fran is also a lawyer and Jo is a naturopath, nutritionist and wellness consultant. 
Back in 2013, Fran and Jo were each out walking with their babies Phoebe and Matilda. They met at the traffic lights, got chatting, decided to walk together and the rest is history! Fran and Jo are passionate about creating healthy snacks for new mums and their families.

Why we love them?

Fibre, omega 3, iron, calcium, B vitamins and zinc are just some of the nutrients pregnant mums and babies need- the Belly Bump Pregnancy Biscuits are full of ingredients naturally high in these. A true ‘functional’ food. Perfect for satisfying those sweeter cravings. 
Belly Bump Pregnancy Crackers are rich in the essential minerals calcium and magnesium. You won’t see any additives, preservatives, colours or artificial nasties- only the real stuff. Wholefoods. 
What pregnant mum doesn’t love a salty cracker? Perfect on their own or great with a simple spread, protein or salad.

How much?

Intuition Private are one of only two stockists on the Central Coast for Franjos Kitchen. Each tin is only $17.95.

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