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  • Dr Peta Skilbeck offers specialized advice for women and their partners prior to pregnancy. Often an underutilised opportunity for optimization of both you and your future family’s health, both general and specific advice is important. Dr Skilbeck is accredited with Genea Newcastle. Genea is a world leader in assisted conception, commonly known as IVF. It was the first fertility clinic in Australia and in September 2015 the Australian and New Zealand Assisted Reproduction Database (ANZARD) reported Genea offering an almost 40% greater chance of having a baby than the average of all other clinics in Australia and New Zealand. To discuss individual fertility plans please contact Dr Skilbeck.
  • Prior to conception, ensuring your general health is at its best, avoiding alcohol and smoking, improving diet and weight control is recommended. Dr Skilbeck recommends particular vaccinations prior to pregnancy and commencement of folic acid in this important time.
  • Certain medical conditions become important and ensuring optimisation of medications and control of pre-existing conditions is vital to a successful outcome in pregnancy. In addition, partners (male and female) also benefit from this consultation and it is becoming more evident that male health is also essential to creating new life.
  • Pre-pregnancy care gives patients an opportunity to meet with Dr Skilbeck before embarking on pregnancy, birth and parenthood.
  • See the new feature on the Genea website showcasing our very own Dr Skilbeck http://www.genea.com.au/my-fertility/doctors-and-clinics/find-a-doctor/dr-peta-skilbeck?lang=en-AU

for couples before they get pregnant
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