New Dad - Pregnancy Trackers for Fathers


Even though Mums are known to do most of the ‘hard’ work during pregnancy, dads-to-be are just as important and need to know a thing or two about pregnancy. Written by men, for men, this app helps clueless dads get a better idea of how to take care of their pregnant partner’s needs and also gain a lighthearted perspective on what’s going on inside that growing belly. Simply enter bub’s due date then sit back and wait to receive weekly updates about the size, length, weight and other relevant information.


How much does it cost?

The app is free.


Why we like it?

The app is simple and the information is interesting, humorous & quirky. The ‘Keep Your Wife Happy Tips’ have actually been submitted by husbands all over the world! Dads-to-be get ready to laugh, however be sure to also take note….. “Coming home with ice cream is always good” or “Never tell your wife she looks fat!” “Hungry for a foot long sub? Well that’s about the size of your baby now.” Whilst there’s lots to be entertained by, the content actually tracks your baby’s growth and is full of useful information.


Anything else to know?

The content is lighthearted and fairly basic so if dad-to-be is the type who wants to know about what’s going on in depth, then this may not be the app for him!


Overall review rating?

3.5 / 5

The app is a bit of fun and gives ‘the boys’ a talking point whilst enjoying their beer!

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