The Wonder Weeks (Post-partum app)


This app is for use once your bundle of joy arrives, however it’s still absolutely worth including in our pregnancy app review article.

Babies change drastically and quickly, often resulting in fussy phases, poor sleep and poor appetite. The Wonder Weeks app helps parents track developmental progress week by week as young babies develop. It’s based on the worldwide best-selling book, The Wonder Weeks and was ranked in the top 10 children’s health apps for 2014 by HealthTap AppRX Awards.


How much does it cost?

As of November 2016, the app is $1.99 to purchase. You can make in-app purchases, however it’s not necessary as the content is detailed enough if you’re using this app as a (good) guide only. As an app user however, you can purchase full chapters from the book (at a reduced rate) if you’d like more information about a particular leap.


Why we like it?

Developmental stages for babies are not just physical. We like the way in which this app clearly and easily explains your baby's mental developmental (as this can be mind boggling) and how to best help your little one throughout these stages, such as ‘the clingy’ stage. As a new Mum, the app’s information is helpful, particularly in the early days and months whilst you’re still getting to know your bundle of joy. In a timely manner, the app introduces appropriate games and learning activities to help stimulate your baby throughout each leap, for example, knowing when to introduce ‘peek a boo’ can help your baby learn about distances and trusting that you’ve only disappeared momentarily when stepping out of the room and not actually left them for good! There’s 20 months’ worth of information and a personalized calendar which indicates potential ‘sunny’ and ‘stormy’ weeks in your baby’s mental development- handy for knowing when you could be in for a challenging week!


Anything else to know?

At times, Karina found the app highly accurate, particularly during the first 4 or so months of her son’s development, however as her confidence grew at being a Mum, she referred to the app less often, especially during those times when she wondered ‘what on earth is going on!’ So similarly, you may not use the app for the full 20 months, but at bargain price of $1.99, only using it for a single month will still be worth it. It’s important to use the information as a guide only and remember that your ‘mummy intuition’ is best as the app shouldn’t replace seeking medical advice if you have any concerns about your baby. Interestingly, the app recommends it be programmed in-line with your baby’s due date rather than their birth date (if these differ) as the timing of the mental development of a baby is linked to the age since conception and not to the age since birth. Look at it this way: “the brain of a baby that is born three weeks early is not as far developed as the brain of a full term baby. The brain develops, in and outside the womb. This is why we calculate with the due date.” – The Wonder Weeks


Overall review rating?

4 / 5

Well worth buying the app. We can just about guarantee you’ll learn a thing or two (well, except if you’re a Developmental Psychologist already of course)!!

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