Countdown Widget (By Sevenlogics)


Countdown widget is a simple, customized, no fuss tracker which counts down towards bubs due date. If you don’t really want any pregnancy apps, this is the app to have!


How much does it cost?

It’s free- but like most free apps, it does contain ads.


Why we like it?

Unlike some countdown trackers, this one is user friendly and has a well-designed layout. It’s a multipurpose app so you can actually use for any count down- not only that of bub’s due date! The countdown tracker is easily customized to any style- you can create a name for your tracker, take or upload any photo, select the font & background colours and even add music! The best part of the customized design is selecting what unit you want the countdown to display (months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds or even heartbeats)! We like the random option- seeing every unit on a rotating basis. The countdown can be saved to the home screen- what a lovely (or scary for some :) ) reminder to have every time you check your phone. The app allows for social sharing- great for updating family and friends.

The app is available on both iPhone and Android- so happy downloading for (almost) everyone.


Anything else to note?

There’s many countdown apps available for download, however they’re not all the same- in fact, most are pretty average when it comes to being user friendly, so ensure it’s the Sevenlogics creation and look for logo graphics of a coral (coloured) calendar and popping confetti.


Overall review rating?

5 / 5

We rated this top marks as it’s simple and actually does everything it’s supposed to!

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