The Bump2Baby app is an instant movie maker which shows off your growing pregnancy bump!

Simply upload photos of your bump taken from the phone camera, or the camera roll and watch the app transform the photos into a time-lapse movie, lasting around 20-30 seconds.


How much does it cost?

It’s free- but like most free apps, it does contain ads.
Why we like it? In a single day you don’t necessarily notice changes, however each day turns into a week, which turns into a month and then suddenly you’ve got a visible (and growing) bump. The months will fly by so it’s nice to document your growing baby throughout the pregnancy journey. In addition, we like that you can ‘do as you please’ with your finished movie; share on social media, download and save, or email to friends and family- the choice is yours!


Anything else to note?

As best you can (when taking the photos), stand in the same position, in the same room, wearing the same clothing (or bare belly) as this helps to keep the focus on your bump.

If opting to upload photos from your camera roll, consider giving them a small ‘tidy up’ prior (cropping or straightening if necessary), as these small edits help the movie play best.

Consider commencing the weekly photos once your bump has begun (usually around the 12 week mark), this way each photo will show expanding progress! If you wish, milestone notes can be added to the movie (such as first ultrasound, told friends, half way). These will display across a photo, at the timing you choose. The app automatically orders the photos by date, so ensure the date stamp on your photo is accurate. This feature is handy if the file information is correct, however a small nightmare if it’s not (trust me on this one). Sorry Android users, unfortunately, (as at November 2016) it’s only available for download with Apple.


Overall review rating?

4 / 5

The idea is brilliant and overall, the app works well, there’s just some minor elements which need tweaking (such as the automatic ordering of photos) and it would be nice having the ability to select a display duration for each photo (which currently, you can’t). They also need to release it on Android. In saying that, it’s well worth the download if you have an iPhone as the memory the app creates is pretty priceless.

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